Crude Oil
Why Choose CPT
for Crude Oil Trading?
Crude oil trading originated from the oil crisis, occurred in the early 1970s, which result in the oil prices fluctuations, thus the volume of oil trading has been growing rapidly, and now exceeds the trading volume of metal products. Among the oil futures contracts, crude oil futures are the most traded and the most frequently traded. Currently, GLORY TRADE trades crude oil products such as London Brent Crude Oil (UKOUSD) and US Crude Oil (USOUSD). Investors can freely choose the variety to trade according to their own understanding of the market.

Crude Oil Trading Operation Mode

  • Flexible Trading With T+0 Trading Rules
  • Low Spreads and Low Transaction Costs
  • Leverage Transactions Improve Capital Utilization
  • Supply and Demand Affect Prices, Easy to Grasp the Market


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