MAM (Multiple-Account Management)
GLORY TRADE MAM Multi-Account Management System is an account management software specially designed for professional traders and fund management services team. It can help users to operate two or more trading accounts at the same time, which will greatly facilitate traders to conduct efficient trading. At the same time, customers can also manage multiple accounts in the same interface.
The GLORY TRADE MAM (Multiple-Accounts Management) system has a user-friendly operation interface with advanced and mature technology, which is the preferred choice of many professional fund managers. Not only it combines with all the advantages of MT4 trading software, but it also allows traders to use the Expert Advisors (EA) charts, indicators and other functions. It is also a comprehensive collection of software tools that can quickly execute a large number of customers’ orders without restriction on the number of trading accounts which is highly efficient in meeting the needs of investors for customized trading.
Key Advantages of the MAM System
  • The primary account synchronizes with multiple sub-accounts in a timely manner;

  • The minimum number of trading lots per account is 0.01;

  • Account management reports can be generated for each account;

  • A summary of the positions, balances, and margin levels of each account;

  • Orders are filled in batches and multiple management accounts are allocated instantaneously;

  • Support the intelligent Expert Advisor (EA) operation;

  • Multiple allocation types: Can be allocated by lot or net worth;

  • Allow all orders placement command: Which include market orders, take profit/stop orders, stop/limit orders;

  • Allow single liquidation command: Which include tracking to stop loss, liquidation;