GLORY TRADE aims to provide customers with a safe, transparent and efficient financial derivatives service platform and create a high-quality service experience. We proceed from customer needs and adhere to the principle of "safety first", and provide customers with corresponding fund security guarantee services for the products we recommend, so that individual investors can safely, easily and quickly understand all capital market products, and from diversification Profit from your investment portfolio and unlimited investment options.

GLORY TRADE' business covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America and other places. It accepts the most stringent supervision of regulatory agencies from all over the world. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Belize, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places as the local offices for market segments. GLORY TRADE strictly abides by the laws of the International Financial Services Commission of various countries. As the regulatory agency of the financial services market, GLORY TRADE will issue licenses and monitor the operations of market participants to ensure that the regulated parties operate transparently and reliably.

We are committed to provide our customers with very competitive cost, reliable execution, and innovative tools to help them to succeed in the world's most important financial markets. GLORY TRADE has so far provided services to more than 100,000 people in over 100 countries. As a global company, we perform according to the highest standards in management, financial reporting and disclosure. At the same time, GLORY TRADE had established offices in the UK, Belize, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places.
As a broker, GLORY TRADE strictly obeys the regulatory of customers’ funds security guidelines, establishes funds segregated accounts, and separates the company's capital from the customers' invested funds and margin to avoid misappropriation of customer funds for other purposes. At the same time, the segregated account also guarantees completely funds independence between customers. A customer's funds and margin can only be used specifically for its own limited purposes such as trading, settlement, guarantee, etc. Neither can be used by other customers nor be affected by the loss of other customers. Protecting and ensuring the safety of our customers’ funds is our ultimate responsibility. GLORY TRADE provides investors with a safe, stable, efficient, and transparent trading environment to create a customer-satisfied trading experience.

    GLORY TRADE is supervised by various international financial affairs committee.


    Improving trading ability by constant learning and self-renewing for your knowledge.


    By using the latest cloud speedup and CDN to connect and exchange data to trade.


    Combined with first-class technology and outstanding customer service to create a premium customer experience.

GLORY TRADE is regulated by the world’s top regulatory authority.

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