Foreign Exchange
What is
Foreign Exchange ?
Forex trading is the exchange of one country's currency with another. At present, the Foreign exchange rate is mainly affected by international trade, national economy and the investment flows policy. As a result, the foreign exchange market information is more transparent, liquidity is better and there are more fair prices. Buy or sell transactions can be completed for 5×24 hours. All the above advantages make Foreign Exchange transaction deeply affected by large investment institutions and investors.

Why Choose CPT Market For Forex Trading

High Participation in The
Foreign Exchange Market
Automated Trading Set Up
Based on Trading Strategy
Instant Market
Analysis Reduces Risk
The Transaction Is Quick and Instant,
can be Instantly Executed.
Large Transaction Volume,
Liquidity and High Transparency
Leverage up to 1:1000,
5*24 Hours Per Week
Non-Stop Trading
A Variety of Trading Currencies
for Arbitrary Selection


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