Fix Api is a liquidity provider based on the Fix protocol. In the foreign exchange industry, major players in the market (such as banks, brokers, liquidity providers, institutional traders) can all use the FIXAPI to connect.
The Fix Agreement establishes a real-time electronic communication protocol between various participants, which include investment managers, brokers, buyers, and sellers. The goal is to formalize various securities financial business demand processes, making them a functional process that can be described in a computer language, and to exchange formats on each business function interface to facilitate the connection of various functional modules to ensure that transaction information will be transmitted securely. This agreement was proposed in 1992 with the original intention of solving the interface problem.
The goal is to formalize the demand processes of various securities financial services (including securities, foreign exchange, futures, etc.) into functional processes that can be described in computer languages, and to exchange formats on each business function interface to facilitate individual functions, facilitate every function of the module connectivity, thus helps to improve the application level of the entire industry.
Api (Application Programming Interface) is a predefined function that provides the ability for applications and developers to access a set of routines based on a piece of software or hardware without having to access the source code or understand the details of the internal work mechanism.
Advantages of Using the Fix Api
  • Less connection time by setting up
    with Fix Api

  • Standardized language to simplify
    the communication

  • Fast execution speed

  • Privacy-accessible trading policies to
    prevent risks

  • Personalized Design & Interface

  • Customized According to the
    Specific Needs of Traders

  • Multiple Order Types