The GLORY PRO trading platform combines liquidity, risk management, margin and back-end reporting, targeting professional traders who need a simple, fast and reliable platform to navigate the market. The main interface includes trading area, chart and news area, activity log area and background area. Traders can customize the trading interface by adding modules and settings. In terms of trade execution and technical analysis, GLORY PRO integrates settings for One-Click-Deals, Order Types, and Order Chronology Duration Settings, etc. It also provides traders with real-time market in-depth for each currency pair. At the same time, the exclusive liquidity is set according to different customers or groups, so that customers can manage their liquidity, risks, margins, background report and transaction allocation simultaneously in an effective manner. The simple, intuitive and easy-to-use, modern interface creates the best trading experience for traders.
Advantages of GLORY PRO
  • View Average Price

  • Market Depth

  • Execution Speed

  • Customizable Module Docking Trading Environment

  • Product Classification, Transaction Information at a Glance

  • Customized Settings Report Downloads